Ingersoll Rand Introduces Its New Milling Machines


Ingersoll Rand has re-entered the milling market with the global introduction of two new milling machines, the MW-500 and the MT-2000.

"Ingersoll Rand has a history of providing solutions through innovation and technology from around the globe," Gary Michel, Ingersoll Rand road development president, said. "Today, with the introduction of our milling machines, Ingersoll Rand road development has a full complement of milling, paving and compaction products, which continue to strengthen our industry-leading position."

The flagship model in North America is the MT-2000 half-lane milling machine, engineered and developed in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. This manufacturing facility will be the site of production for the MT-2000.

"We're leveraging the quality and expertise in manufacturing compactors and pavers to produce this new milling model here," Mr. Michel said. "Our industry-leading drum rolling facility is a perfect fit for the manufacture of cutting drums for the milling machines."

A second new model, the MW-500, is a utility-class milling machine with a standard cutting width of approximately 500 mm. The MW-500 was developed and engineered in the Ingersoll Rand ABG facility in Hameln, Germany, where the new machine will be manufactured.

Ingersoll Rand plans a full product range of six milling machines with cutting widths from 500 mm to 4,25 m. The development of the new milling machines is the collaborative result of engineering expertise in Hameln and Shippensburg.

"These milling machines represent a truly remarkable example of design leadership for the Ingersoll Rand road development business," Gary Michel said. "Ingersoll Rand has addressed the voice of the global customer in bringing new technology to the global milling industry."

Source: Ingersoll Rand


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