Atlas Copco Designs New Cab for the Pit Viper 270 Series


Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions has released a newly designed cab for the Pit Viper 270 series of blasthole rigs. The cab is larger, features improvements in visibility and comfort, and adds a number of productivity enhancements. 

Larger windows, an excavator-style chair on an elevated platform and a more robust set of windshield wipers all contribute to greater visibility in the new cab. The cleaner, more comfortable work environment also features improved door seals with additional cabin insulation that reduce ambient sound to less than 70 decibels. This also improves climate control during the summer and winter months.

The air conditioning unit is located under the cab for easy maintenance access and has been re-designed to maximize airflow on the operator. Its compressor, evaporator and condenser are all hydraulically driven. Since the unit does not rely on power from the engine, it is a more reliable source of cabin climate control.

Lighting is now integrated into the cabin’s profile, increasing safety and ease of maintenance. Lights are serviced from inside the cab itself.

Three buddy-seats are included in the cab, all of which may be flipped up to provide extra storage. Optionally, any of these seats may be replaced with a refrigerator, locker or microwave. One buddy-seat may be upgraded to a trainee seat complete with backrest and seatbelt assembly.

Since many Pit Vipers are equipped with the optional computerized Rig Control System (RCS), the new cab provides radio and USB slots to accommodate digital work orders, drill plans, and other components necessary to implement the system.

Source: Atlas Copco


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