35 Liebherr Tower Cranes in Sochi for the Winter Olympics

Liebherr tower cranes are setting the scene on the skyline in the Russian town of Sochi, venue for the 2014 Winter Olympics. The yellow Liebherr tower cranes make an impressive sight, hard at work on a whole range of sports facilities and infrastructure projects.

The construction projects involving the Olympic Village, with the Central Stadium, the Skating Stadium, the Ice Hockey Arena, and the Media Centre are all predominantly being carried out using Liebherr tower cranes. Liebherr-Russia OOO has leased Liebherr top-slewing cranes from the Series EC-H and EC-B to a number of construction companies.

The infrastructure projects such as the railway station, a shopping center, and the building of a bridge over the River Mzimta are all also being undertaken with Liebherr tower cranes.

Two Liebherr tower cranes from the EC-H series are working on the construction of the railway bridge over the Mzimta. The top-slewing units can achieve free-standing heights under hook of close on 85 m. The 550 EC-H 40 Litronic and the 200 ECH 10 FR.tronic are mounted on reinforced 500 HC towers, in order to guarantee stability in this region which is prone to the threat of earthquakes.

The bridge carries both road and rail traffic from Sochi over the River Mzimta to the venue location for the Olympic skiing events.

Source: Liebherr


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