Living Wall System that Does More
than Look Beautiful


Cascadia Green Wall Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Denbow Ltd, has announced the release of a unique living wall product. The Cascadia Green Wall System is designed not only as a vertical garden, but also to provide a structural function.

“Cascadia is designed first-and-foremost to be an engineered retaining wall product, that engineers can feel confident in using”, says David Adkins, project consultant. “Traditionally, retaining walls are barren-looking concrete block monoliths that don't blend well into the landscape. The Cascadia Green Wall System changes that. Now landscape architects and civic planners can use this system as a means to extending their canvas vertically in public spaces and highly visible locations.”

Despite the formal release of the system last October, Denbow has actually been developing and installing earlier versions of it for several years - refining and improving it along the way.

“We see Cascadia having excellent use locally. The climate and geography in this region demand innovative solutions like this to handle erosion, severe slopes, and public expectation to maintain our green landscape. Cascadia does all three,” adds Cascadia president, Bill Boesterd.

Source: Cascadia Green Wall System

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