Canbec Takes Delivery of
New Trecan 135-PD Snowmelter


Canbec Construction Inc. of Lachine, Quebec, took delivery a new Trecan 135-PD Snowmleter at the SWIFT (Summer Winter Integrated Field Technologies) Conference & Expo held last September 11-15 in Montreal. The Trecan 135-PD Snowmelter will melt 122,500 kg/h (135 tons/h) or the equivalent of 255 m3 of snow at a snow density of 480 kg/m3.

Canbec’s 135-PD Snowmelter is equipped with many new and unique options that represent the most cutting edge technology available in snowmelters. It features a dual side loading option that allows the machine to be loaded from either side or simultaniously by two loaders. It is also equipped with the new Trecan Snow Start option that allows the machine to create its own 13,000 l water supply on site anywhere using existing snow. It has a new engine room compartment complete with noise reduction insulation making for very quiet operation and it is also equipped with Trecan’s new Remote Communications which allows for diagnostic testing, trouble shooting and future software upgrades.

Trecan has successfully trialed and tested these options on their machines operating in extreme temperatues in remote areas such as Alaska, Russia and Siberia. Finally the Canbec 135-PD is powered by a 6.8 l John Deere diesel engine and, like all Trecan Snowmelters, it was designed and built here in Canada at the Trecan factory in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There are over 550 Trecan Snowmelters currently in use throughout Canada and the United States.

Canbec Construction is one of the oldest, largest and most successful construction and snow removal companies in Quebec. “We are very excited to have the largest and most unique Snowmelter here in Quebec and we are certain it will be the first of many more to come,” stated Rick Andreoli, president of Canbec Construction.
Matteo Cristofaro, Equipment manager for Canbec says “the specific placing of our portable Snowmelter can reclaim strategic areas very quickly. Trecan Snowmelters provide a fast, safe, reliable, cost effective and viable alternative to trucking and storing snow and the average lifespan of the equipment is in excess of 25 years.”

Source: Trecan Combustion,
Frank Pandolfini, 514-570-8406


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