Topcon’s IS-3 Enhances Long-Range Scanning


Topcon Positioning Systems’ new Imaging Station – the IS-3 – takes the industry’s longest scanning range and increases it by almost 20% to 1980 m.

In addition to its “dramatic increase in non-prism scanning range,” said Denny Welch, senior vice president of the Survey Business Unit, “the new IS-3 increases distance measurement speed, automatic scanning speed and improves accuracy substantially.”

The IS-3, through its patented prism tracking scanning interface technology – X-TRAC 8® – has a new onboard feature that provides quicker scanning definition, faster image collection and an onboard preview of scanned data.

Topcon continues to be in the forefront of imaging station technology with two on-board cameras that can be controlled three ways: On-board, by a field controller, or by remote laptop, using ImageMaster control.

Topcon designed the IS-3 to be versatile enough to run multiple ways. It can easily switch from a one-man robotic setup, to an on-board scanning and long-range reflectorless system, to a very user-comfortable remote laptop interface.
ImageMaster software, which comes standard with the IS-3, now includes a “volume” calculations feature at no extra charge. (Earlier models had an optional module for purchase.) This feature provides a user full live video control through their laptop to measure points, track prisms, and define scan areas.

Additionally, the IS-3 has a new high-space “Grid Scan” feature that obtains 3D data by automatically scanning at a specific pitch within a specified area. Using Topcon’s image analyzing ImageMaster software, 3D models are easily and quickly created from the data.

“Using ImageMaster, TIN images can be formed from 3D point cloud texture-mapped 3D data. Additionally, the software provides image and scan control of the IS through a wireless local area network (WLAN) using an internal modem,” added Mr. Welsh.

When combined with a data collector and Topcon’s RC-4, a compact remote system that integrates an array of advanced technologies, the system in the perfect one-man survey system.

Source: Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

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