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A new version of the flagship of Nemetschek Scia, one of the world’s leading developers of structural design, analysis and fabrication software, has been released. Scia Engineer 2011 is focussing on three main themes: user experience, Eurocodes and openBIM. It is a combination of essential requirements which makes the work of structural engineers more comfortable regardless whether they have to tackle unique challenging projects or basic engineering tasks of everyday practice.

Scia Engineer version 2011 comes with numerous enhancements across the whole program. The main focus has been placed on the user experience by implementing new features and optimising the existing ones. These improvements will bring time-saving benefits to all structural engineers: regardless whether they work with concrete, steel or aluminium, regardless whether they handle simple or complex projects, irrespective of whether they design buildings, industrial plants, bridges or intermediate structures such as scaffolding.

The Scia Engineer Viewe is available free, for all users without any protection. They can view the previously generated results on an existing model and take a look at the document.
Augmented Reality: an external augmented reality plug-in from ARMedia allows users to combine Scia Engineer 3D model with a live web cam in order to represent the model in a realistic environment.
Easy updates through the Internet: automatic update of user licenses from the Scia server.
Cloud Computing - Scia Desk: Scia Desk, optional cloud storage of user projects on a team file server, provides an unlimited cloud backup of data, easy sharing of project files, automatic synchronisation, safe and secure storage of project files and remote and mobile access to project files.

As a CAE-pioneer in Structural BIM, Scia Engineer continuously focuses on the overall interoperability with other open CAD/CAE systems. Many direct links with internationally wide spread CAD/CAE applications are available. Using the openBIM approach, a structural engineer can easily control the process of data flow without affecting the working habits of others. The only extra step the other parties must do is run the import or export to the construction software industry standard IFC.

Scia Engineer is a software system for design, analysis and code-checking of engineering structures. Even though it has been primarily designed for structural engineers, it finds its application in other engineering fields too. Scia Engineer is versatile software that is used for the design of structures of any complexity: from a simple beam or plate, to a whole building, bridge or another type of construction, with a detailed analysis of the distribution of internal forces over time.

Established in 1974, Nemetschek Scia has become one of the world’s leading developers of structural design, analysis and fabrication software that supports the BIM process. Nemetschek Scia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nemetschek AG -- a global leader in software that supports the Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflow.

Source: Nemetschek Scia


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