Kinetic Mesh Networking Can Link a Variety of Fixed and Moving Assets in Remote Locations


Rajant Corporation, the pioneer of Kinetic Mesh Networks and provider of pervasive, multi-frequency wireless solutions, showcased its innovative GULFMESH™ broadband network solution at the 2011 Offshore Technology Conference, held in May 2011, in Houston, Texas.

GULFMESH™ is a proposed broadband wireless network in the Gulf of Mexico that would cover the area from Brownsville, Texas to the Florida panhandle. Oil platforms, commercial and private ships, Coast Guard and military boats as well as helicopters would connect to the mesh network enabling Wi-Fi access, ship-to-shore communications and the ability to remotely view, monitor and control a full range of IP devices.

The powerful flexibility of Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh Networking can be applied to virtually any remote critical infrastructure where a broadband data and communications capability is required. For example, a cluster of BreadCrumb nodes situated on a group of wells, pipelines or drilling platforms, could be readily connected via satellite transponder to satisfy a full range of communications needs.

Rajant also showcased its powerful RAPTR solution, which combines three BreadCrumb network nodes with three levels of directional antennae to provide portable readily-established broadband connectivity over long distances. With throughput rates of 25 Mbps at 10 km and 5 Mbps at 16 km, RAPTR offers true broadband connectivity for remote, unserved locations at distances up to 50 km.

The highlighted solutions are based on the proven Rajant BreadCrumb® wireless, portable mesh networking nodes and InstaMesh software, which enable continuous and instantaneous routing of wireless and wired connections. This dynamic frequency-hopping capability allows for total network mobility – Kinetic Meshing – as well as robust fault tolerance, high throughput and low latency.

Founded in 1969, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is the world's foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production and environmental protection. OTC is held annually at Reliant Center in Houston, and attracts more than 65,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibiting companies representing more than 110 countries.

Source: Rajant Corporation

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