Fan Drive Motors Designed for
High Pressures and Speeds


New M5 Series Fan Motor solutions from Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, are rated for continuous, reliable and efficient performance at up to 4,060 psi (280 bar) in heavy-duty mobile and off-highway applications as well as portable power units.

Parker's new M5AS and M5ASF fan drive motors are engineered for high starting torque to withstand the higher pressures and speeds experienced in today's largest mobile machines. Their independent-speed control capability enables the speed of cooling fans to be matched precisely to the operating load of the vehicle, facilitating greater overall system efficiency and minimized wear on parts.

The M5AS and M5ASF are also designed with an interchangeable rotating group and the same motor and piping location for left or right rotation, while double ball bearings enable high-load capacity for flexible, direct-mounting capability. A patented 12-vane, double-lip cartridge design further provides a high level of fluid contamination resistance.

In light of recent engineering developments and realized efficiencies, hydraulic motors are now employed in nearly all types of off-highway equipment. Unlike traditional electric-driven motors, hydraulic motors offer more precise control, smooth operating motion, and added safety benefits in heavy-duty mobile applications.

Rated for continuous operation at speeds between 3,000 and 5,000 rpm, key features of Parker's M5AS/M5ASF motors include:  

  • Heavy-duty bearings for long-life expectancy
  • Tapered shaft for quick, easy fan installation
  • Same motor and piping location for left or right rotation
  • Integrated anti-cavitation valve
  • Proportional pressure relief valve
  • Speed sensor that allows pressure/speed monitoring
  • Reverse valve to reverse rotation and clean the radiator

Available in 6, 10, 12, 16, 18, 23 and 25 cm3/rev fixed displacements, compact, low-noise Parker M5 Series Fan Drive Motors are ideal for a wide range of construction, material handling, transportation, forestry and agricultural machines, among many others.

Source: Parker Hannifin Corporation

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