Service - The Secret of Success


We are all interested in the dynamics of those companies that continue to attract orders in these straightened times.
It would seem that RUD-Erlau, a family-owned company with a 130 year old tradition of industrial chain making, may provide some clues.

Pervading the company and its worldwide network of wholly-owned subsidiaries, agents and distributors is an strong emphasis on customer care and service. Typical is the comprehensive service provided by RUD-Erlau’s tire chain division.

Headed by Francesco Di Giusto, is a 24 strong team of qualified engineers with a wealth of experience in the world’s materials handling industries. Their combined knowledge of mining, quarrying, slag handling, demolition, forestry and other wheeled operations – on-road, off-road and on-site – ensures that customers receive expert support throughout – from choosing the right tire chain for your application, to installation and life-of-product after-care.

Your choice of chain will be supported by cost-benefit analysis drawn from similar operations which confirm that tire chains not only save tires but also increase productivity at a measurable, cost-per-tonne saving of, at least, 10%.

When your chains are delivered a RUD-Erlau engineer will be there to ensure they are correctly fitted. In between regular follow-up visits to check the chain condition and tensioning for optimum performance, RUD-Erlau’s engineers are only a phone call away and, usually, can be on-site within 24 hours.

Customer care and service is the responsibility of every single member of RUD-Erlau’s 1100 strong work-force. From initial enquiry, through order processing, manufacture, quality control, delivery, installation and aftercare, service is paramount.

RUD-Erlau believes that it is customer care and service that has marked 2009 with a series of substantial orders for tire protection and traction chains.

Whether it is tire protection and traction chains, conveyors, elevators, lifting gear RUD-Erlau’s design team’s core mission is to develop components and systems that, by easing installation and reducing maintenance costs, make life easier for the customer.

Similarly, RUD-Erlau’s metallurgists have developed light-weight, energy-saving alloys that offer customers increasingly greater strength and durability.

With a steady flow of orders, RUD-Erlau may claim, with some justification, that customer care and service is the secret of success.

Source: RUD-Erlau

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