Holder looks ahead into a successful future


The well established company Holder from Metzingen started the current financial year with new shareholders.

The new shareholders are as Holder itself, from Baden-Wuerttemberg and are well-versed business developers and successful entrepreneurs. Two of the three shareholders will actively advising the company in the future.

Mr. Martin Haas is in the management board of the Staufen AG. The company, with headquarters in Köngen is one of the leading consultancies in Germany for lean management and process excellence. In many cases the Staufen AG could prove this expertise of achieving sustainability and a productive Corporate Development for customers and in own joint ventures.

In the past Dr. Christoph Weiss took the responsibility for the development of well-known manufacturers of branded goods to leadership companies. This experience he will actively involve into the company.

With Dr. Carl-Heiner Schmid Germany's largest and most successful craftsperson with over 3000 employees is sitting in the circle of shareholders. The businessman stands for market leadership and continuous success.

The basis for the strength of the Holder brand still exists. Excellent products with a clear competitive differentiation, a qualified and a highly motivated team, is associated now with the change- and development expertise and performance of the new shareholders.

Clear market positioning, partnerships with a strong dealer network and excellent processes in development, order processing, production and service are key factor in the future of the company.

Source: Équipements JKL Inc.


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