Giuffre Bros. Cranes Relies on Freightliner Business Class M2 Trucks to Fulfill Customer Needs


After more than 45 years in business, the team at Giuffre Bros. Cranes Inc., in Milwaukee, Wisc., knows what their customers want.

Giuffre Bros. Cranes is a family-owned company that
specializes in developing truck-mounted cranes. The company was among the first to offer this specialty truck to the commercial roofing industry, and has since grown to a multi-million dollar boom-truck business with offices throughout the United States.

"From the very beginning, our philosophy has been to listen to our
customers and work with them to fulfill their needs, no matter what the request," said George Schalk, Milwaukee branch manager, Giuffre Bros. Cranes. "Building relationships is how we've expanded our business, and partners like Freightliner Trucks have been imperative to our success."

Giuffre Bros. has bought Freightliner trucks for more than nine years, first purchasing Freightliner FL-70s and FL-80s. Today, Giuffre Bros. works with Freightliner's versatile line of Business Class® M2 medium duty trucks, which are ideal for a variety of applications.

Schalk noted that when his customers – which include the roofing, arbor, oil field, construction and sign industries – started requesting aluminum cabs for their trucks, the Business Class M2 was the obvious choice.

"With such a diverse client-base, we need flexible options that we can build to spec, and that will exceed our customers' expectations every time," said Schalk. "The Business Class M2 is very marketable, clearly making it the best choice for Giuffre."

The Business Class M2 trucks support a wide range of bodies and chassis mounted equipment. Its standard multiplex wiring system, clear frame rails back of cab and a variety of horizontally mounted exhausts make the truck easily configurable for a variety of applications.

And, according to Schalk, some of the features that Giuffre Bros. Cranes customers also appreciate include the cab's roomy and comfortable interior, and sloped hood for added visibility.

"Safety really counts, and when you're driving down the road in a big truck with a crane, the more visibility you have, the better," said Mr. Schalk. "The Business Class M2 is easy to operate and very user friendly."

George Schalk added that their dealer, Truck Country Freightliner in Milwaukee, has been particularly helpful in finding the right packages and options for their unique business needs.

"We've been impressed with not only the truck's performance, but with how helpful our dealer has been," said Mr. Schalk. "Just as we listen to our customers every step of the way, the team at Truck Country listens to us. Not only are they competitive in pricing, but the service is outstanding. When you add that together with the durable Business Class
M2, we couldn't ask for a better relationship."

Source: Daimler Trucks North America LLC


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