Ford-Engineered, Ford-Tested,
Ford-Built Power Stroke for 2011


A new era in Ford diesel technology arrives with the 2011 6,7 l Power Stroke V-8 turbocharged diesel engine.

Debuting in the next-generation F-Series Super Duty truck, the new diesel engine will deliver significant improvements in torque, horsepower and fuel economy while adding more fueling flexibility and easily meeting stringent new emissions requirements.

“This all-new diesel engine has been so extensively tested both in the lab and in the real world that we’re confident we’re giving our customers the most reliable and productive powertrain available today,” said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president of Global Product Development.  “Our Super Duty customers demand reliability and durability in their trucks so they can deliver the best results for their business and their customers.  That’s exactly what this engine delivers.”

The diesel engine team made improvements and changes throughout the engine architecture to deliver on aggressive horsepower, torque, emissions and fuel economy targets. The new engine uses an “inboard exhaust” architecture, an automotive-industry first for a modern production diesel engine. It features a compacted graphite iron (CGI) engine block, aluminum heads and a turbocharger with a double-sided compressor wheel mounted on a single shaft.

The high-pressure fuel system uses eight-hole piezo injectors. The new engine is compatible with B20 biodiesel. The new Power Stroke V-8 turbocharged diesel will rely on Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to comply with 2010 regulations.

The new engine will be built at Ford’s Chihuahua Engine Plant.

Source: Ford Motor Company

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