Elgin Sweepers Gives New Life to Used Sweepers

Elgin Sweeper has introduced a factory authorized sweeper rebuild program for customers unable to purchase new sweepers due to budget constraints in the current economy. Available to municipal and contractor customers until December 29, 2009, the program was established in conjunction with Elgin Sweeper’s North American dealer network.

“Our rebuild program is a great alternative for customers working with Elgin sweepers that have endured years of extensive work, especially when there isn’t room in their budgets to purchase a new sweeper,” said Frank Ligori, parts marketing manager for Federal Signal Corporation’s Environmental Solutions Group, of which Elgin Sweeper is a subsidiary.

Elgin Sweeper is leading the industry with this comprehensive rebuild program. “In terms of service and maintenance, Elgin Sweeper always seems to take the lead,” according to Dave Donlon, vice president of Standard Equipment Company, an Elgin Sweeper dealership located in Chicago.

Developing a standard, all point inspection form for each Elgin Sweeper model was the first step in developing the rebuild program. In most cases, these model-specific forms include approximately 100 points of inspection. Technicians thoroughly evaluates the sweeper and provides the customer with a comprehensive list of needed repairs.
During the rebuild process, Mr. Donlon said his team ensures that the sweeper is mechanically sound. Depending on the customer’s needs and the condition of the sweeper, the extent of the rebuild may include sand blasting, repainting and all fit and finish.

As part of the rebuild program, Elgin Sweeper offers its dealers a flexible online training solution that is available 24/7 to their technicians. “Online training provides our dealers with a cost-effective method of delivering the information, tools and skills necessary to be successful in the sweeper market,” Mr. Ligori said.

Source: Federal Signal Corporation

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