John Deere Will Rely on EGR Technology to Meet Interim Tier 4 Regulations


John Deere will use cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) engines with exhaust filters consisting of a diesel oxidation catalyst/diesel particulate filter in its construction equipment to meet the 2011 Interim Tier 4 (iT4)/Stage III B emissions regulations mandated by the EPA and EU for diesel engines 174 hp and above.

“We’re looking to provide the simplest iT4 solution for equipment users, all while delivering the productivity, uptime and low daily operating costs that customers expect from Deere,” said Joe Mastanduno, product marketing manager, engines and drivetrains, for John Deere Construction & Forestry. “We believe cooled EGR with exhaust filters is the right technology right now.”

Deere’s approach to the iT4 solution builds upon the current clean burning and fuel efficient Tier 3/Stage III A PowerTech™ Plus engine platform manufactured by John Deere Power Systems.

The John Deere cooled EGR engine platform for iT4 compliance is simpler, more operator friendly and less complex to maintain compared to SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems.

“Unlike SCR, this IT4 solution doesn’t require liquid urea to achieve emissions compliance, so there are no additional fluids to worry about obtaining, filling or storing on remote jobsites at proper temperatures,” Mastanduno said. “EGR is a single-fluid solution, and that fluid is diesel fuel.”

John Deere was the first manufacturer to widely commercialize off-highway Tier 3/Stage III A cooled EGR diesel engines and has the highest field population of cooled EGR engines currently operating.

Extensive testing in key products featuring these engines, such as the 350D excavator, 700J crawler dozer and the new 772G motor grader, has shown a 10% or greater advantage in “material moved per fuel used” over competitors.

“Our field experience has also proven that John Deere cooled EGR engines operate efficiently with traditional low-sulfur diesel diesel fuels as well as B5 to B20 biodiesel blends,” said Mr. Mastanduno. “We’ve seen optimal performance with fuel-choice flexibility.”

John Deere designs, manufactures and services the engine, drivetrain, hydraulics, electronic control unit, cooling and other vehicle systems as part of the complete equipment package. This integrated approach maximizes performance, operator convenience and fuel economy, all with an eye toward providing outstanding overall value to customers.

“Deere dealers will be highly trained to service and support these new engines and optimize total vehicle efficiency,” said Mr. Mastanduno.

Source: Deere & Company


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