Ammann Offers Intelligent Control for All Compaction Applications

With the introduction of ACE technology to its light compaction equipment, Ammann Canada now offers intelligent compaction control across a full range of soil and asphalt compaction applications.

ACE, the Ammann Compaction Expert, is an electronic measuring and control system for vibrating rollers that automatically adjusts the amplitude and frequency to suit the characteristics of the ground. The system has been available in larger Ammann machines for several years, helping operators to achieve target levels of compaction without over-compacting or loosening material. Ammann now offers the same technology for light compaction equipment, including its AVH 6030 model, a three-shaft high performance vibratory plate compactor, and its RW 1504HF trench roller.

ACE-equipped machines provide continuous measurement of absolute compaction values, automatic adjustment of compaction parameters and comprehensive documentation of the compaction process.

The ACE system records all data on the bearing capacity of each soil or asphalt layer to meet requirements for CCC (Continuous Compaction Control) documentation. Captured data can be exported via standard USB storage devices.

This record of continuous readings enables contractors to identify noncompactable areas and take any necessary remediation steps, such as soil stabilization or material exchange.

Ammann recently introduced updated versions of its compaction control with the ACEplus system including new GPS technology. ACEplus puts onsite mapping of compaction results into the operator’s compartment through a touchscreen PC display. The graphic display represents a range of quality values including load-bearing capacity, number of passes, temperature and other details. The GPS signal in ACEplus can also be used to upload CCC data to remote IT systems for analysis and archiving.

Source: Ammann Canada

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