ACE introduces Wireless-GPS System for Road Maintenance Vehicles

ACE, Accent Electronic Controls, Inc. recently launched the INFOBITE™ fleet tracking and work process reporting system. INFOBITE™ is designed to interface with ACE’s electronic material spreader controllers as well as with other brands controllers (with reduced capabilities). ACE’s Canadian developed and manufactured INFOBITE™ system combines low-cost compact onboard recording and tracking devices together with a free reporting and mapping software application.

INFOBITE™ XTransfer modules are vehicle onboard recorders that wirelessly upload all trip and work process information generated by vehicle spreader controllers, plow sensors or any other tool monitored. Data transfers are automatically done over a free and secure wireless link each time vehicles return to their yards. INFOBITE™ XTransfer equipment can accurately track routes travelled to later trace them onto maps using user-configurable turn / time / distance logic.

The INFOBITE™ Supervisor software produces a variety of user-defined activity reports, including those required by highway authorities such as the Ontario Ministry of Transport (MTO). It can produce map reports showing travelled routes and related spreader or work process information. Map reports use free web-based Google™ maps that include detailed road data, terrain data and satellite/aerial imagery. INFOBITE™ Supervisor handles configuration management for onboard equipment and the reporting application. Multiple users can remotely access information that is collected from multiple locations.

INFOBITE™ Supervisor was developed in collaboration with fleet operators and is available for free with the purchase of INFOBITE™ equipment. There are no limits to the number of vehicles or users and it is not subject to monthly subscription fees or long-term contracts. French or English configurations can be selected based on user preferences or with a mouse click.

The INFOBITE™ system can monitor snow plows, spreader trucks, road patrols, sweepers, mowers, construction equipment and most public work vehicles. Real-time tracking applications are also supported and can operate simultaneously.

“ACE is proud to introduce INFOBITE™ at a time when salt management practices, adherence to maintenance standards and operating cost constraints are becoming increasingly important. From our experience over the last twelve years, it was clear that a customized solution was needed to deal with these highly specialized fleets. Comprehensive functionality that can manage the unique operation of road maintenance fleets and affordability were the key criteria in the design of INFOBITE™.” states Eric Lemieux, president and CEO of ACE. He further adds: “We are the only Canadian manufacturer of a full product portfolio for this market. We work very closely with our customers to support them, learn from them and to evolve our products to meet their changing needs. We thank them for their support.”

ACE designs and manufactures products in Canada that are specifically targeted at the road maintenance fleets. The company’s product line includes electronic spreader controllers sold under the names CHLOROBITE™ and ECOBITE™, MANIMAX™ branded operator joysticks, a full line of hydraulic control valves including the fuel-saving OPTIVALVE™ load-sensing combination valve, and now complementing this portfolio, the INFOBITE™ management system. ACE is a privately owned company that has been in operation for over 12 years and is located in Quebec City. It sells its products to fleet operators and though a network of professional resellers and integrators. ACE products have been approved by all mainstream Canadian plow truck builders.

Source: ACE, Accent Electronic Controls, Inc.

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