FAT TRUCK® Revolutionizes the Way to Work on Powerlines




Zeal Motor Inc. recently announced the launch of its new high speed capstan drive mounted on the FAT TRUCK®. A first in the utility industry, the high-speed capstan drive integrated on the back of an amphibious vehicle redefines the safety standards and the productivity level when working in harsh terrain on powerlines.  

High-speed capstan drives are usually mounted on much larger equipment. Before now, it was not possible to work efficiently with a high-speed capstan drive with smaller and more affordable equipment. The integrated solution mounted on the back of a FAT TRUCK® answers the market’s need of working in safer conditions and being more productive in harsh terrains.

“By diverting the high flow hydraulic of the FAT TRUCK® we were able to achieve a significant gain of productivity and improve the lifting capacity to install/change insulators, transformers or any other lifting requirements at the pole. This new option is totally integrated on the vehicle and was designed with the expertise of the linemen. The utilities now have the capacity of the larger equipment, the lower cost of operation and mobility of the smaller ATV’s. It gives the opportunity to work where conventional equipment usually get stuck. We are talking about major cost savings on operations and on vehicle transportations,” said Amine Khimjee vice president of sales & marketing at Zeal Motor Inc.

The synergy of having the utility companies involved in the project was key to have the right tool at the right moment for the right job. The FAT TRUCK® integrated solution with the high-speed capstan drive offers a lifting capacity of up to 860 kg, a maximum speed of up to 90 m/min and can handle angles from -30° to +45°.

Source: Zeal Motors Inc.

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