Tycan Hydro-Clean


W.S. Tyler's Tycan Hydro-Clean is a new, innovative solution to washing technology in North America. The Hydro-Clean removes silt and clay particles as small as 63 µm from mineral mixtures. The maximum particle size of the feed material can range from 0 up to 150 mm. The "dirty material" is fed to a washing drum where high pressure nozzles rotate at 60 rpm and spray the material with water at pressures of up to 2900 psi. The water streams are injected into areas of the rock (i.e. holes, cracks etc.) that are difficult to reach with traditional cleaning technologies such as log washers or screws. The end result is a much cleaner product that generates significantly higher values for their clients.

In many cases, the Hydro-Clean allows you to turn waste material, which incurs dumping costs, into sellable material that returns profits. Many different applications in Europe have proven this. Your overall operating and structural costs are much lower than with traditional washing systems, given the compact size and weight. The Hydro-Clean is very environmentally friendly thanks to its extremely low water consumption and low power usage, both unmatched by any other washing system.

The Tycan Hydro-Clean is available in four model sizes, capable of producing 20 to 400 t/h depending on the application.

W.S. Tyler is the only company in the world capable of providing the complete Screening Circle: Particle Analysis, Screening Media, Vibrating Screens and Processing Equipment, and Screening Services.

Source: W.S. Tyler

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