EcoStar® Introduces EcoVent Roofing Tiles

EcoStar is adding EcoVent to its line of premium accessories. EcoVent is a continuous tile-over ridge vent that efficiently removes hot, moist air from the attic space of a building.

Vital to increasing the life span of a roof, EcoVent helps reduce cooling costs of a building while preventing moisture build-up in the attic space. EcoVent provides incredible strength and offers unmatched durability and protection against rain, snow and ice, providing a breathable, yet efficient weather barrier in virtually every weather condition.

Manufactured in 6 m long by 27 cm wide rolls, EcoVent offers significant coverage yet is the industry's lightest ridge vent on a roll. Due to its lightweight characteristics EcoVent can be easily carried and maneuvered along the rooftop during installation.

EcoVent's low-profile design allows it to sit under the hip and ridge tiles, offering nearly invisible protection that creates a cosmetically superior appearance compared to fans and other rooftop vent systems. Like every EcoStar product, EcoVent maintains high-quality standards, an important element of EcoStar's industry-leading 50-year Gold-Star warranty.

Source: EcoStar, a division of Carlisle Construction Materials

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