New All-Wheel Drive Option
Available on CASE Graders


Case Construction Equipment recently announced the availability of All-Wheel Drive as a factory option for the 865 VHP and 885 motor graders, which provides exceptional traction and machine control.

The independent, hydrostatic system drives the front axle for six-wheel-drive or separately in "creep mode" for front wheel drive only. The AWD traction improves productivity during snow plowing, ditch-digging and work on inclines and in adverse conditions.

"The factory-installed all-wheel-drive option means operators gain the benefits of six-wheel drive or precise grading ability of hydrostatic front wheel drive only," said Dave Wolf, brand marketing manager, Case Construction Equipment. "The control, which is located on the right-hand console, can be turned on as needed."

When in six-wheel drive, the machine gains control of the front end in adverse conditions, maximizing traction. The aggressiveness of the front-wheel-drive can be set to pull the rear tandem or lag the drive of the rear tandem. The AWD is operational in all gears.

For precision grading, set the AWD in creep mode to engage only the hydraulic front wheel drive. "The option to run in creep mode provides very smooth hydrostatic starting and stopping for extra-precise grading operations," he said.

The all-wheel-drive's hydrostatic control system provides a benefit similar to limited-slip differential in that it senses when one of the front tires begins to slip and transfers the hydraulic power from that wheel to the one that is gripping.

"The efficiency of Case's AWD hydrostatic system provides the control, responsiveness and traction that skilled operators are requiring," added Mr. Wolf.

The Tier III-certified engines on Case motor graders are electronically controlled and fueled through a high-pressure common rail fuel-injection system. This provides responsive engine control, greater fuel efficiency and a cleaner burn.

The 865 VHP (variable horsepower) is the most popular machine in the Case motor grader lineup, delivering 205 net horsepower. Variable horsepower allows a range in horsepower to match the needs of the application at hand by delivering better traction control while maximizing fuel economy.

The largest Case motor grader, the 885, takes advantage of the fully electronically controlled Cummins engine, providing 205 net horsepower while meeting Tier III certification.

The third model of Case motor graders, the 845 DHP (dual horsepower), delivers 140 and 160 net and combines weight and maneuverability to handle tight radius areas and cul-de-sacs.

All Case motor graders feature a comfortable operator environment, with an Isomount® cab that reduces noise and vibration. The front articulation joint provides the clearest sight lines to the moldboard and tires for precise blade positioning and operation.

Case motor graders continue to lead the industry with ease of maintenance. One-piece hoods provide complete access to the engine and cooling package while providing ground-line maintenance checks. Both batteries swing out for easy servicing and access, while fluid sight gauges simplify daily inspections.

Source: Case Construction Equipment

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