New BOMAG Pneumatic-Tired Rollers


BOMAG Canada introduces the BW24RH and BW27RH pneumatic-tired rollers. The new rollers, which replace the BW24R model, offer a hydrostatic drive system, two-point steering pivot and enhanced access to all maintenance points.

The BW24RH is powered by a 99 HP, water-cooled Deutz diesel engine, whereas the BW27RH features a 131 HP engine with charge air cooling. Both rollers are built with hydrostatic drive systems that provide infinitely variable speed control from 0 to 20 km/h and smooth transitions between forward and reverse. The hydrostatic drive system is also more fuel-efficient and requires less maintenance compared with mechanical drive options.

For improved steering capabilities, both rollers feature a two-point steering pivot on the front four tires. Contrary to a standard solid axle that would have all four front tires on a common beam, responding and turning simultaneously, the two-point system allows for sequenced steering. This means that when the operator turns the steering wheel, the inside and outside tire pairs turn at a different rate, allowing for smooth steering transitions and reducing potential damage to the surface of the mat.

The rollers feature ergonomic operator's stations that are designed for optimum visibility. The stations include two steering wheels, sliding/swiveling seats and automotive-style accelerator and brake pedals. This same platform design is shared with BOMAG's current line of heavy tandem rollers, making for a very comfortable operator transition between rollers.

Offering a fully ballasted operating weight of 24 000 kg, the BW24RH delivers a maximum per-wheel load of 3000 kg, whereas the BW27RH can be fully ballasted up to 27 000 kg and delivers 3375 kg per-wheel. The eight tires - four in the front and four in the rear - have a total coverage area of 2042 mm with a 500 mm tire track overlap. Additionally, the rollers come standard with an automatic tire inflation system that allows the inflation value of all tires to be easily adjusted from the operator's station.

The BW24RH and BW27RH have been designed for simplified maintenance. With all maintenance points positioned in one area and a wide opening hood, virtually every component is easily serviceable from ground level.

Other standard features include a pressurized water spray system with 400 l tank, ROPS and seatbelt, lockable anti-vandal dashboard protection, back-up alarm, headlights (front and rear) and hour meter. Options include a weather-proof cab, heater, air conditioning and heat retention shields.

Source: BOMAG Canada

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