Sennebogen Green Line Highlights Safety and Comfort at ISRI

Each year since 2001, the annual ISRI conference and exhibition has represented a big step forward in the "greening" of America's scrap industry, and 2007 is no exception. ISRI has been chosen as the venue for the North American launch of Sennebogen's new D-Series models of green line material handling machines plus an updated design for its unique 305 Multihandler. As Sennebogen machines take an increasing leadership position in North American markets Sennebogen engineering continues to lead the industry to new standards of safety, productivity and cost savings.

Sennebogen was among the first manufacturers to offer the scrap and recycling industries a line of purpose-built material handling equipment in place of excavators retrofitted for these unique lifting applications. Today, Sennebogen now offers the widest range of material handlers, with operating weights ranging from 22 t to 160 t in rubber tired, crawler and pedestal versions.

At ISRI, the new green line D-Series models will be introduced as Sennebogen's fourth generation of material handling machines to America.

The D-Series machines feature a revolutionary sliding door combined with the adjacent catwalk, which provides an easy and safe way for the operator to step into and out of the cab without the awkwardness of a swinging door hitting the catwalk rail.

Upgraded climate control systems in the cab create a comfortable atmosphere that keeps operators alert, attentive and undistracted.

Improved access to maintenance areas, such as a centralized undercarriage greasing point, makes maintenance easier and safer.

With the D-Series, Sennebogen offers upgrades in line with the company's philosophy of keeping its machines simple: Simple to operate, simple to maintain and simple to appreciate!

The Sennebogen 305 C+ Multihandler may look like telescoping material handlers that recyclers have tried in the past. But recyclers who have been able to test the 305 and see it in action realize what a difference Sennebogen engineering can make.

A brawnier telescoping arm is just the start of what makes the 305 different from its predecessors - but it is a very important start. The additional strength designed into Sennebogen's arm means recyclers can have confidence that the 305 can both reach and lift (up to 9,1 m) the hefty materials they must unload, move and load on a daily basis.

And with its elevated cab and telescoping arm, the 305 allows operators to watch material move from the ground up and over - into truck trailers, gondolas and processing machinery.

The 305's steering options (all wheel, front wheel, crab steering) provides maneuverability not seen previously on telehandlers, allowing the unit to steer past and around obstacles that would cause roadblocks for less nimble machines. Maximize density. Eliminate loading errors. Increase safety. These were the design engineering watch words for this machine.

The 305 with its extended reach and elevated cab with an eye level of up to 4,0 m allows recyclers to achieve these results, all with a machine built to withstand the recycling environment.

Source: Sennebogen LLC

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