Jungheinrich Expands its Canadian Presence

The Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corporation is teaming up with Hewitt Équipement Limitée to expand its presence in the Canadian lift truck marketplace. Hewitt is a leading supplier of industrial vehicles and equipment for a wide range of industries. As part of this relationship, Hewitt has announced a major dedication of its resources to the narrow-aisle and warehouse markets with the creation of a new Warehouse Solutions Group. The Hewitt narrow-aisle and warehouse solutions group will be supplying integrated solutions in Quebec and Ontario through Hewitt Équipement in Quebec and Hewitt's subsidiary, Hewitt Material Handling in Ontario.

Rick Leroux, vice president of material handling at Hewitt states, "The new group will provide three warehouse-dedicated products: lift trucks that will include among other vehicle brands, Jungheinrich's Class 1, 2 and 3 trucks, a full array of racking systems and warehouse accessories."

He adds, "With these capabilities, our narrow-aisle and warehouse solutions group will offer solutions that are tailored to our customers' needs. Hewitt will be the one-stop supplier for highly productive, energy and space efficient warehouse material handling solutions.

Founded in 1952, Hewitt presently operates 14 branches in Ontario and Quebec from their headquarters in Montreal. Hewitt owns several other subsidiaries besides Hewitt Material Handling, including Atlantic Tractor and Equipment Ltd., Hewitt Rental, Inc., and Montréal Hydraulique, Inc. which was acquired in 2004.

Montréal Hydraulique has been one of the most successful Jungheinrich lift truck dealers in North America for almost nine years. Based in Saint-Hubert, south of Montreal, Montréal Hydraulique also specializes in pneumatic and hydraulic component systems sales and repairs, as well as cylinder manufacturing for the Quebec marketplace.

Source: Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. USA.

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