Daveytronic® Blasting Software Upgrade Improves Design Efficiency and Saves Time on the Bench


Daveytronic® 2D, the latest software for the Daveytronic Digital Blasting System from Davey Bickford, USA, Inc., allows a blast engineer to design a firing plan on a computer. The software automatically imports borehole locations or enables the technician to manually design the blast pattern and then configure a firing sequence.

Once the sequence is designed, the software allows the technician to simulate blast progression, ensuring optimum blast performance before transferring the plan to the Daveytronic blasting machine. The new software significantly increases blast programming efficiency for both underground and surface mining applications and shortens programming time in the field.

A unique import file converter module ensures the new software is compatible with most blasting software and mining AutoCAD programs. For open-pit operations, the software is also compatible with drill-navigation systems, allowing the blast engineer to use as-drilled coordinates for more accurate firing sequence programming. The software features several preloaded design options for operators to choose from. Combined with the user-friendly, Windows system operation, the software significantly increases design efficiency and makes implementing even the most complex blasts much easier.

After completing the plan, the blast engineer downloads the delay times and order numbers into the hand-held field programming unit. This greatly facilitates digital detonator programming on the bench, saving time in the field. If necessary, individual detonators can be reprogrammed at the last minute.

While the software boasts new design tools, the system retains many of the same features customers have come to expect from the Daveytronic Digital Blasting System. The blast engineer can program detonator timing delays from 1 to 16 000 ms in 1 ms increments for unparalleled digital blasting accuracy. Preblast diagnostics alert operators to shorted, faulty and missing firing lines, and it tells the technician the exact location of the problem. For operating safety, the system offers up to a five-minute system charging window and an additional five-minute window for firing, delivering up to a 10 min window for coordinating with preblast safety procedures.

Up to 1500 Daveytronics can be incorporated into a single blast design, or up to 3000 detonators can be included if a second blasting machine is used in a master-slave configuration. The Daveytronic total system verification allows blast engineers to test the fuse head, firing capacitor, ASIC processor and logic capacitor, so the blast goes off as designed.

Through a worldwide distribution network, Davey Bickford USA offers unsurpassed technical support, blasting pattern consultation and program implementation for the high-accuracy Daveytronic Digital Blasting System. The product line includes the Daveytronic detonator, blasting machine, field programming unit, Wireless Blasting System and new design software.

Source: Davey Bickford, USA, Inc.

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