Atlas Copco Offers Cobra Combi Breaker
with Complimentary Tool Kit


Offering a range of 18 different accessories, the Cobra Combi gas-powered drill/breaker from Atlas Copco Construction Tools can be used for a variety of applications including breaking, drilling, cutting, rock splitting, driving, compacting and tie-tamping. Cobra Combi units purchased now through the end of 2007 are packaged with a complimentary tool kit that includes a digging spade, wedge chisel, moil point, clay spade, tamper and wedge set.

Based on the popular Cobra 149, the Cobra Combi features better emissions, easier starts and quieter and safer operation.

Weighing only 25 kg, the Cobra Combi is easy to transport. As a breaker, the unit delivers up to 2600 blows/min. With the drilling function engaged, the Combi offers a maximum drill depth of 2,0 m at a maximum rate of 30 cm/min in solid granite.

Equipped with a catalytic converter and new carburetor design, the Cobra Combi meets the demanding EPA1 emission regulations. Additionally, the new choke control and user-friendly start instructions allow for better speed control and easier operation.

Featuring a new silencing muffler, the Cobra Combi produces only 110 dB during operation and fulfills the requirements of the European Noise Emission Directive (NED). Furthermore, new vibration dampening handles reduce vibration levels from 8 to 5 m/s2. This increases productivity by allowing operators to safely use the equipment for longer periods of time.

With no need for compressors, hoses or cables, the Cobra Combi offers complete freedom of movement with very little set-up time. The unit is ideal for tasks that involve frequent movement from one position to the next or for working in remote, hard-to-access locations.

Source: Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC

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