Hydraulic Hybrid Assistance for Light Commercial Vehicle

The innovation is a hydraulic hybrid transmission dedicated to light commercial vehicles (LCV). It offers the possibility to transform a conventional front-wheel drive LCV into a 4x4 (all wheel drive) vehicle on demand and only when needed.

When the hydraulic hybrid transmission is not activated, the vehicle behaves in all respects as a conventional vehicle.

When the hydraulic hybrid transmission is activated, the vehicle behaves like a 4x4 vehicle, increasing its obstacle-clearing capacity.

A hydraulic pump is placed at the output of the LCV gear box and two motors integrated in the wheels of the rear rigid axle. A valve is placed between the pump and the motors. The system controlled by an ECU.

In 4x4 mode, the pump generates oil flow through the valve and the hydraulic motors. The motors provide torque and traction is effective.

In 4x2 mode, the valve shortcuts the pump and motors are in freewheeling mode. The system is activated from the cab, even when driving under load.

At the heart of the system, there is a Poclain MF01 hydraulic motor. All hydraulic components used in the system are either designed by Poclain Hydraulics or standard automotive components. Tested and reliable, they are compact and offer high density power level.

This results in a low intrusive design, with all parts integrated in the standard vehicle chassis.

Productivity and ease of maintenance have been taken into consideration in the design of the system. No specific technical training is needed for regular maintenance. Access to the hydraulic motors is easy and the brake disks can be changed quickly and easily without dismantling the motors.

When not engaged, the system has no effect on the fuel consumption or performances of the vehicle.

Source: Poclain Hydraulics

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