New Hilti 18 V Impact Drivers and Wrenches
are Powered by Brushless Motors

Hilti announces the first family of impact drivers and wrenches with high efficiency brushless motors – the Hilti SID 18-A CPC Compact Impact Driver, SIW 18-A ½” Compact Impact Wrench, SIW 18-A 3/8” CPC Compact Wrench and the high capacity versions SID 18-A CPC Impact Driver, SIW 18-A ½” Impact Wrench, and the SIW 18-A 3/8” CPC Impact Wrench.
All of these new impact tools feature a highly efficient hammering mechanism that delivers more work per charge to the applications because of the precision hammering and heat treatment process used.

This new line of tools was developed using Hilti’s brushless motor technology which provides long lasting, reliable power because there are no brushes or commutators, which are wear parts for other tools. These high efficiency motors convert more of the battery’s energy into power while reducing the motor heat – which leads to longer tool life.

These tools have sealed electronics to help protect against dust and humidity, an intelligent power switch to prevent burn outs, and four LED lights which provide better visibility of the work surface.

The Hilti 18 V difference is in the batteries. The compact versions of these tools come with a 1.6 Ah compact battery to provide lighter weight while the new B 18 3.3 Ah battery offers 25% more energy for the highest work per charge and ultimate run time. Using Hilti’s superior lithium ion battery design, the ultimate run time comes from individual cell management which monitors the electronics and helps protect each cell against overheating, overloading and deep discharge. This, combined with sealed electronics, an accurate State of Charge display and drop resistance housing provides corded performance in cordless tools.

Backed by Hilti’s Lifetime Service*, the tools, batteries and chargers are all covered by this unique service agreement that includes two years of no-cost coverage including wear and tear. With Hilti Tool Fleet Management, the tools and batteries are covered for three years.

Source: Hilti
*Some limitations apply. One year no-cost period on SD 4500-A and ST 1800-A tool bodies

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