Zero-Emissions Energy-Efficient Compacting


Hamm recently announced the launch of battery-electric driven tandem rollers for the North American market. The new machines complement the HD CompactLine series. Some models are equipped with oscillation drums, including the world's first E-combination rollers with oscillation. They not only compact emission-free, but also particularly quietly.

With 8 electric rollers in the compact class, Hamm's launch represents a milestone for the compaction industry. The HD 10e and the HD 12e boast the same compaction power as their combustion engine counterparts, but produce zero local emissions. The e-rollers are operated in almost the same way as the other models in the HD CompactLine series.

A 48 V Li-ion battery with 23,4 kWh capacity provides the energy for driving, steering and dynamic compaction. Charging from 0% to 100% takes approximately 4 hours on 220 V. The roller is designed to operate in ambient temperatures of up to 45°C, the battery supplies enough energy for an average working day.

The vibration or oscillation unit is driven by electric means only via specially designed, compact synchronous motors. As a result, the efficiency rating more than doubles and the energy demand reduces accordingly, too. The electric drive motor and steering motor power a hydraulic system. All e-components require no maintenance and offer impressively high torque. The concept ensures the power is always available to deliver peak performance on demand. Furthermore, a large portion of the braking energy is fed back into the system by means of regeneration.

All electrical components in the e-rollers are completely maintenance-free. The extensive electrification reduces the oil volume by more than 70%. Across the entire system, there are very few wear parts that need to be greased or that could suffer from abrasion. This means there are refreshingly few service points on the e-rollers compared with the diesel counterparts.

Source: Wirtgen Group

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