Eaton Introduces 48-V DC/DC Converter Designed for Harsh Environments


Eaton recently announced it is now offering a higher power version of its low-voltage 48-V DC/DC converter for commercial and off-highway vehicles that is designed to withstand the harsh environments in which those vehicles operate.

“Our new converter has up to 40 A of output current capacity and can be installed on the vehicle in areas that are subject to very harsh conditions, including frame rails, battery and engine compartments. These are environmental extremes with adverse conditions, shock and vibration that require robust protection features,” said Ben Karrer, head of engineering, Low Voltage and Power Conversion, Eaton’s Mobility Group.

Eaton’s DC/DC converter takes power from a 48-V system and steps it down to 12 V to run accessories and other low-power systems. This design helps essential equipment – including antilock brakes and power steering – work even in the case of a power failure, making it unique among product offerings in this space.

There is a growing demand for 48-V DC/DC converters as off-highway and commercial vehicle manufacturers increasingly switch to dual-voltage electrical architectures. Eaton’s converters feature a natural convection, air-cooled design for ease of integration and can operate at ambient temperatures up to 85°C. Additionally, the converters are designed with high efficiency to prevent power loss over a wide operating range.

Eaton’s DC/DC converter portfolio provides flexibility through multiple power and voltage levels and can be optimized to work seamlessly with a manufacturer’s charging system specifications. It also features a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus, which allows direct communication from the DC/DC converter to other vehicle electronic control units to transmit diagnostic information.

“This unit is the ideal solution for manufacturers that require a dependable method to manage the higher power loads of modern commercial and off-highway vehicles,” added Mr. Karrer.

Source: Eaton

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