XING Mobility and Nordic Booster Join Forces to Transform Industrial Vehicles


XING Mobility, a Taiwan specialist of immersion cooling battery technology for industrial applications, recently announced its latest strategic partnership with Nordic Booster, the Norwegian market leader in battery solutions for construction machines and mobile high-power charging systems for heavy-duty industrial vehicles and industrial products.

The collaboration will bring XING Mobility's patented IMMERSIO XM25 immersion-cooled battery system to the Northern European Construction, Agriculture, and Mining (CAM) industrial vehicle market. The XM25 product is offered for the electrification of construction and mining vehicles by Nordic Booster, which has provided XING Mobility batteries since 2019 and is the exclusive sole distributor for XING in the Northern European market. The XM25 product will also be included in the mobile charging stations built by Nordic Booster.

Nordic Booster has already ordered a total of 2 MWh IMMERSIO XM25 immersion-cooled battery systems from XING Mobility.

XING Mobility delivers the coolest, safest, and most energy-efficient mobility energy storage solution with IMMERSIO XM25 immersion-cooled battery system. This automotive-grade, scalable immersion-cooled battery pack has a wide variety of industrial applications, such as load haul dump (LHD) machines, tractors, excavators, and commercial fleets, as well as stationary energy storage systems (ESS). The battery boasts excellent fire safety and active suppression of thermal runaway, and longer cycle life, making it an ideal choice for ESS, commercial and heavy-duty vehicles. It offers a simple, safe, and powerful solution for vehicle makers to transition to electric power. IMMERSIO XM25 is in mass production and it is ready to deploy and available for delivery to all clients now.

“We are proud to be working together with Nordic Booster in the Northern European CAM market,” said Sherwood Hochen, chief strategy officer (CSO) of XING Mobility. “Their position as the Norwegian market leader in mobile fast chargers and construction machines, combined with our new advanced immersion-cooled battery technology, creates an unbeatable combination in the industrial vehicle space, and an opportunity to transform the industrial vehicle market in Northern Europe.”

According to market forecasts, the Northern European CAM industrial vehicle and battery electric vehicle (BEV) market will enjoy a high compound annual growth rate, with Norway leading the way at 17% CAGR (compound annual growth rate). XING Mobility and Nordic Booster will seize this opportunity by offering advanced battery and charging solutions for commercial and industrial vehicles in the region.

“We are thrilled to partner with XING Mobility and bring their advanced immersion-cooled battery technology to the market,” added Jannik Stanger, Sales and Technical director of Nordic Booster. “XING Mobility‘s Immersion-cooled battery system offers the good integration that our customers demand and we have gained deep knowledge in immersion cooled batteries from XING Mobility since we started cooperating in 2019. Immersion cooled batteries are the next game changer in battery technology due to very high anti-thermal runaway risks and the very promising life cycle testing indicating a 100% improvement compared to standard cooling technology. These features will bring the XM25 product to the leading position while still using standard Li-ion cells. Nordic Booster looks forward to working with XING Mobility to expand our offerings in the construction, agriculture, and mining sectors. We will integrate this product into our serial built mobile fast charger to offer immersion cooled batteries as one of our battery technologies.”

Founded in 2015, XING Mobility is a provider of automotive-grade electric vehicle batteries for specialty applications, mainly industrial applications. XING Mobility innovates advanced energy storage and electric drive technology using the development of extreme performance race cars and supercars as their R&D platform.

Nordic Booster is a Norwegian market leader in mobile and high-power charging systems with integrated battery technology and energy management systems.

Source: XING Mobility

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