Minnich Manufacturing Designs Lower-Cost Concrete Drill


Minnich Manufacturing has redesigned its industry-leading A-1C dowel pin drill to offer concrete contractors the same high-quality performance at a more affordable price point.

“We’re excited to offer a quality drill for customers who need a basic option. We’re proud of our higher-end products, but some road-building contractors simply don’t need all the bells and whistles that accompany them. The A-1CL is for them,” said Rob Minnich, president of Minnich Manufacturing. “The Minnich quality our customers know and love is still there, just with fewer features than the original A-1C.”

The A-1CL dowel pin drill is a lightweight, on-slab, high-production drill that offers horizontal, vertical and 35° stitch and skewed drilling positions. The drill is maneuverable but does not include a formal steering system. The A-1CL nomenclature refers to its lightweight design, weighing in at 159 kg.

The A-1CL reaches a maximum drill depth of 45 cm with an under-collar drill steel length of 60 cm. The powerful and efficient A-1CL requires 2.61 m3/min and 8.3 bar of pneumatic power. All specs included correspond with the 122 cm model. Once available, the A-1CL will come in 4 different drill widths.

The optional Minnich dust collection system can be mounted directly to all Minnich dowel drill units, including the A-1CL for reduced debris on the jobsite and in compliance with OSHA regulations.

Concrete dowel pin drilling is an integral part of road construction projects. For these jobs to stay on time and under budget, the dowel pin drilling component must move along efficiently and safely. Minnich's A-1CL dowel pin drills offer a faster, more accurate, safer alternative to hand drilling and at a lower price point than many other on-slab options, helping contractors ensure that complex projects run smoothly.

Source: Minnich Manufacturing

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