Cattron Introduces Remtron PatriotPro Industrial Remote Control System


Cattron recently announced that its next generation of Remtron has arrived with the release of the PatriotPro industrial remote control system. The PatriotPro retains the rugged design and distinctive feel of the time-tested and proven legacy Patriot product, and now boasts a new look and an advanced, future-ready technology platform.

The operator control unit is available in standard configurations and can be engineered to meet specific application requirements. The transmitter can support up to 18 commands with an engineered system. New systems work with the CBMCU, 10R/17R or 11R receivers. PatriotPro transmitters are also backward compatible with Remtron’s existing Patriot and CommandPro systems, providing a path for upgrading existing systems.

The PatriotPro is positioned to cater to the specific needs of industries reliant on precise and efficient remote-control systems applications. With its rugged design and advanced technology platform, the PatriotPro is a remote control system built for tomorrow’s demanding industrial environment.

One of the standout benefits of the PatriotPro is its flexibility and versatility. The operator control unit can be customized to meet specific application requirements, making it adaptable to a wide range of tasks. Whatever it’s controlling, the PatriotPro’s tailored, user-defined configurations ensure seamless integration into diverse industrial settings. Control units can even be private labeled with a customer’s branding and trade dress.

Safety and security are paramount in industrial settings, and the PatriotPro addresses these concerns with its innovative features. The distinctive click-click indication between steps ensures that operators have clear feedback, enhancing their ability to make accurate decisions. The illuminated PL-d stop switch adds an extra layer of safety, making it easy to halt operations in emergency situations. Additionally, the use of black channel communication protocol ensures signal security and integrity during remote control operations.

Moreover, the PatriotPro boasts an impressive 180 m operating range, providing operators with the freedom to control machinery from a considerable distance. This extended range not only increases operational efficiency but also enhances safety by allowing operators to maintain a safe distance from potentially hazardous equipment.

Source: Cattron North America, Inc.

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