Edmonton Kenworth’s Jennifer Lesnik Becomes First Woman To Achieve Kenworth Master Technician Status

The personal interests that develop at an early age are often the ones that will last a lifetime. From fixing equipment on the farm with her father, to becoming the first woman in the Kenworth dealer network in Canada and the U.S. to achieve the prestigious Kenworth Certified Master Technician status, Jennifer Lesnik always knew she had the skillset to work on heavy equipment as a profession. 

“Growing up on a farm, my family didn’t use outside help when equipment broke down. We would fix it ourselves,” said Ms. Lesnik. “I enjoyed learning from my dad how to work on equipment, getting my hands dirty, and solving problems on my own. I knew early on that I wanted a job that would involve fixing things.”

With family history and a special appreciation for the trucking industry, Jennifer Lesnik decided the right career path for her was to service heavy-duty trucks. In 2007 she started her career with the Edmonton Kenworth group as a dealer service technician. 

Now in her 12th year as a service technician, working at several Edmonton Kenworth dealer locations, she has achieved Kenworth’s highest service certification – Kenworth Master Technician. She becomes the 4th Kenworth Master Technician in the Edmonton Kenworth dealer group.

To become a Kenworth Master Technician, dealer technicians need to complete a comprehensive training system that includes classroom, online and self-study components. Through online modules, exams, and other evaluations conducted by course instructors, Kenworth Master Technicians must show they have mastered the skills needed to successfully perform all diagnostics, repair, and maintenance procedures to keep customers’ vehicles running their best. It is estimated that it takes more than 570 hours to complete all coursework and training to earn the special certification, on top of the 6,000 hours of training that is required to become a Licensed Journeyman Heavy Equipment Technician in Canada.

As a Kenworth Master Technician, she will respond to disabled trucks within a 160 km radius of Edmonton Kenworth – Leduc. Ms. Lesnik is certified to work on an array of components, such as PACCAR engines and PACCAR and Allison transmissions. She pilots a medium-duty Kenworth service truck equipped with all the tools she needs to diagnose and fix a majority of the mechanical issue’s trucks may have on the spot. If a customer is in need of service back at a terminal, she will gladly make time to work on the down truck.

Kenworth Master Technicians attend to customers without the benefit of working with a team. The expectation is that technicians who earn Kenworth Master Technician status have the knowledge they need to efficiently provide service to their customers and answer any maintenance-related questions they may have.

In a male-dominated industry, she often finds she is the only woman in the workplace. But she says that is not a problem for her as she continues to prove that women are just as capable as men when servicing trucks.

“Every so often, I’ll meet with a customer and they will have a surprised look on their face when they see me,” said Jennifer Lesnik. “I don’t think it’s on purpose, it’s just that there are so few women that work in our industry. But once I get to work, they soon realize that I know my way around a truck and are appreciative of the work that I’m doing.”

According to Jennifer Lesnik, the support she’s received from her Edmonton Kenworth during her tenure with the dealer group has allowed her to be confident in her pursuit of achieving Kenworth’s highest service certification.

Source: Kenworth Truck Company

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