Front Hitches Make Sense Your Compact Tractor

In order to get ahead of the competition, the ability to “think ahead” is crucial. When it comes to the snow clearing and landscaping business it is no different. Tractors have been widely used in these industries but have they been used most effectively? Is there a better way?

The compact tractor now has the ability to utilize the front end for a snow blower, blade or a mower, all by means of a Zuidberg front 3-point hitch and PTO set up. One tractor can be used all year round for multiple purposes without the need to remove any equipment.

Zuidberg’s products are engineered to fit perfectly and provide a “factory” look, integrating seamlessly with the tractor. The self-contained PTO is driven directly from the crankshaft of the tractor engine meaning only a minimal loss in power through the PTO gearbox – around 3-5% only. The PTO features an internal oil immersed multi-plate clutch which is engaged by a proportional engagement system. This guarantees a smooth uptake of power to the front-mounted implements. An integrated oil cooling system ensures no external oil supply from the tractor. PTO’s are available as 540 rpm and sometimes 1000 rpm depending on the tractor, with CW or CCW options and 6 or 21 spline output shafts.

The durability of the hitch and PTO has been proven by many operators running this set up on John Deere 3 & 4 series tractors or Kubota L5460-6060 units to swiftly and efficiently clear roads, parking lots, driveway and sidewalks.

Additional pushbar support and a cross brace gives the necessary strength for blade use. Then, once the snow is gone, these same units can be used in the summer for lawn maintenance with a front-mounted mower.

Fiscally it makes sense to have one tractor performing several roles and a Zuidberg front hitch and PTO will facilitate this. In a competitive industry, getting the most out of your tractor is almost like having the ability to “think ahead” of the next guy.

Source: Frontlink Inc.

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