New Generation of Small Milling Machines from Wirtgen

Wirtgen GmbH presents its new generation of small milling machines with the market launch of the W 50 Ri and W 60 Ri cold milling machines. The entirely new and striking design harbors a cornucopia of technical innovations that result in enhanced performance, greater productivity and maximum ease-of-operation.

Wirtgen’s goal is to provide its customers with fit-for-purpose solutions which will always enable them to execute their jobs economically and on time, achieving the best possible quality. This traditional Wirtgen maxim was also reflected in the development of the new W 50 Ri and W 60 Ri machines. The numerous highlights of the half-meter milling machines come into play in every working step, offering immense customer benefit.

The countless auxiliary and automatic functions not only speed up work processes, but also significantly reduce the strain on the machine operator in day-to-day operations. Wirtgen’s brand new in-house development LEVEL PRO PLUS (a levelling system), which is fully integrated in the machine control system, supports intuitive and simple operation to produce precise and high-quality milling results. The preset target value for the milling depth (max. 210 mm for both models) is precisely controlled by robust displacement sensors in the hydraulic cylinders mounted on the side plates and displayed on the high-resolution LEVEL PRO PLUS color display.

The slimline chassis was designed specifically to provide an unobstructed view of the milling edge to the front as well as of the left and right side plates, while the compact suspension of the loading conveyor affords an unhindered view of the milled area behind the machine.

Cold milling with fast and highly maneuvrable machines saves time and money. Wirtgen has laid the foundations for this with the optimized driving and steering features of the W 50 Ri and W 60 Ri. The generous locking angle on either side results in extremely small turning radii that make working on cramped job sites so much easier. The automatic tracking function of the rear inner wheel when folded in likewise increases the maneuvrability of these small milling machines.

Furthermore, the front wheels are offset by 15 cm (in the 4-wheeled version) to travel “fully in line” when the steering wheel is turned to the right. The extra-wide front wheels minimize the surface load exerted by the machine, which consequently reduces wear. The driving dynamics package enables speeds of up to 12 km/h in the 4-wheeled version. This provides for higher travel speeds and faster project completion.

These small milling machines can handle any job with maximum flexibility and performance thanks to their smart features.

The new, completely round milling drum assembly, coupled with innovations in the milling drum, side plates, scraper blades and gradation control beam, make milling faster and simpler and produce a higher quality result.

The large conveyor slewing angles of 30° to the left and right allow material to be discharged even under difficult job site conditions. Furthermore, the hydraulically operated folding discharge conveyor – with a maximum length of 5.60 m and a maximum width of 350 mm – can be swiftly folded up on cramped job sites or for transport. The assembly and disassembly of the discharge conveyor is also greatly facilitated by the compact quick-change coupling for the hydraulic connections.

Innovations in milling and Productivity: Top Performance with Every Job
The fact that using the W 50 Ri/W 60 Ri can speed up completion of a project by as much as 20% makes these cold milling machines a key factor for success in road rehabilitation. The engine speed is automatically adapted to current requirements, yielding huge fuel savings despite the high engine output of 143 hp. Three individually variable milling drum speeds each ensure an ideal milling performance for a broad range of applications. Thanks to the extremely low center of gravity of the machines and the optimized weight distribution, these small milling machines ensure maximum traction for every application.

It has taken three years of painstaking development and prototyping work to get these new machines ready for series production. Both the W 50 Ri and the W 60 Ri have demonstrated their abilities in various trial applications performed under the scrutiny of renowned experts in the field of cold milling.

For example, concrete surface rehabilitation firm INBO Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG placed the most stringent demands on the prototypes. “We really put the new generation of small milling machines through its paces on the particularly hard concrete surfaces we work with, subjecting them to the most extreme conditions. We were thoroughly impressed by the high performance and extraordinary toughness of both machines and pleasantly surprised with their exceptional ease of use,” says Stephan Rottler, managing director of INBO Oberflächentechnik, commenting on the new developments from Wirtgen. “This new technology is something you can really get excited about.”

Source: Wirtgen GmbH

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