SnowEx Introduces Full Line of De-Icing/Anti-Icing Sprayers

Responding to the growing popularity of liquid brine solutions for use in snow and ice maintenance applications, SnowEx, a product division of TrynEx International, introduces a complete line of AccuSpray de-icing/anti-icing sprayers. Available in three sizes – 380 l, 750 l and 1100 l capacities (models VSS-1000, VSS-2000 and VSS-3000, respectively) – the AccuSpray units are compatible with a wide range of service vehicles, from utility vehicles and pickup trucks to larger flatbed and dump trucks. They can spray all de-icing and anti-icing liquids currently available on the market.

Designed for versatility, the sprayers include three different ways of delivering brine solution. There are five downward facing nozzles in the boom for driving surface spraying, a nozzle on each end of the boom for lateral, or curb, spraying and a handheld wand for spot spraying. The five surface-spraying nozzles each offer three-position actuation, allowing the operator to choose between single-stream, triple-stream or wide-fan spraying. Additionally, the spray wand includes 33 m of hose standard on a heavy-duty retractable reel, and offers a spray pattern from hollow cone to straight stream depending on how far the trigger is depressed.

The AccuSpray units are easily operated using a cab-mounted, multi-zone controller. The controller features a simple switch panel to activate three separate totally electric pumps, which power three spray zones (right, left and center). Any combination of these zones can be actuated to deliver brine solution through the desired nozzles, maximizing versatility and ease of use.

With tanks, covers and boom hoods constructed entirely of heavy-duty polyethylene, the sprayers don’t face the common corrosion and maintenance concerns associated with steel-built equipment. Furthermore, each unit includes an integrated baffle that runs through the middle of the tank. This reduces the movement of liquid when the carrying vehicle slows or stops, helping lower the potential for transmission and brake damage, as well as overall wear-and-tear on the vehicle.

Maintenance concerns are further reduced thanks to the sprayers’ fully electric-powered design. Featuring 12 V direct-drive pumps, there are no engines, pulleys, sprockets, belts or chains to maintain.

Source: TrynEx International


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