Rotary Lift Launches Lift Inspection Program

Leading vehicle lift manufacturer Rotary Lift introduces Inspect to Protect™, the industry’s first nationwide heavy-duty lift inspection program.

“In this tough economy, transit agencies are delaying new equipment purchases and hanging onto their existing buses longer, leading to increased maintenance. At the same time, OSHA and various state and local regulatory agencies now regularly include vehicle lifts in their workplace inspections,” explains Roger Perlstein, Rotary Lift director of heavy duty. “As a result, it is critical that agencies know whether their vehicle lifts are working properly in order to maintain employee safety and productivity. Rotary Lift’s new Inspect to Protect program provides peace of mind through professional, multi-point lift inspections offered at a special price.”

The ANSI national standard covering vehicle lift operation, maintenance and inspection, ANSI/ALI ALOIM (current edition) and a growing number of state codes and regulations require that all vehicle lifts be inspected by qualified lift inspectors at least annually.

“Properly functioning vehicle lifts are crucial to service bay safety and can directly impact both employee morale and productivity,” says R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman, president of the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), the independent trade association for the North American lift industry. “Periodic lift inspections following the manufacturer’s recommendations ensure reliability and allow the continued safe operation of the lift.”

A professional lift inspection will identify any issues before they can grow into major problems. This keeps employees safe, reduces lost days and cuts lift repair costs. Annual lift inspections conducted by qualified lift inspectors also can prevent OSHA citations and fines.

There is no national certification, licensing or directory of qualified lift inspectors, so transit agencies in the past have been on their own to find someone to inspect their vehicle lifts. The Rotary Lift Inspect to Protect program now makes it easy to find a qualified lift inspector. One phone call to Rotary Lift at (800) 640-5438 will connect maintenance managers with local, factory-trained lift inspection providers through the exclusive Rotary Authorized Installer (RAI) nationwide network.

Each participating Inspect to Protect company has inspectors on staff who meet all of the requirements for a “qualified lift inspector” outlined in the ANSI standard. Plus, each company is required to attend annual Rotary Lift training, maintain insurance coverage and be able to provide customers with lift maintenance, repair and genuine Rotary replacement parts.

Rotary Lift equips its Inspect to Protect program providers with inspection checklists that detail what should be inspected on all of its lift models. At the conclusion of every inspection, customers receive an inspection certificate signed by the lift inspector that details what was found during the inspection, any adjustments made and parts replaced for each lift. This inspection certificate can be posted on the lift in a literature pouch provided by the inspector or it can be stored with other lift records.

Source: Rotary Lift


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