Environment-Friendly Husky E-Motion Introduced at ICUEE


On the occasion of the International Construction Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) show in Louisville, Kentucky, Prinoth presented the new project “Husky E-motion” and is herewith the first manufacturer world-wide to present a completely functional groomer with diesel-electrical drive and standard particulate filter.

Prinoth participated with his utility vehicles at the ICUEE for the first time. This is the world’s biggest trade show all about construction, maintenance und servicing of electrical lines as well as gasoline and oil pipes.

With the Husky E-motion, Prinoth distinguishes itself once more in innovation and as the technology leader in this industry. Herewith, the company shows that trendsetting solutions can be achieved for environment and climate protection with help from innovative technologies.

A special challenge for the Prinoth engineers was to ensure the durability of the vehicles in order to decrease the CO2 emissions long-term without affecting the vehicle performance and the operator’s comfort.

An increased degree of effectiveness as well as considerably reduced diesel consumption are obtained by an intelligent performance management of the drive motors.


Mécanique J. Clair

Prinoth was able to develop a vehicle whose diesel consumption is reduced by 20% in comparison to conventional drive systems whereas the performance is simultaneously raised by 30% and the torque at the drive gear by 15%.

“E-motion” stands for electrical drive as well as for the efficient and environment-friendly technologies.

Source: Prinoth


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