MTU Onsite Energy Unveils New Series 1600 Diesel Generator Sets


MTU Onsite Energy introduces its newest MTU diesel-powered generator set covering a range of 250 kW to 600 kW. The new genset is based on the MTU Series 1600 engine, through which MTU's proprietary power range is extended from as low as 250 kW up to 3250 kW.

The Series 1600 engine is a completely new engine for MTU and is the smallest engine that the company produces. When combined with the completely new design of the generator set package, the result is a compact powerhouse that is ideal for emergency standby and peak-shaving applications.

In addition, the outlet box on the Series 1600 genset has been designed to incorporate not only the outlet box, but also the breaker and control panels in one streamlined package. Its design allows for the flexibility to switch the control panels and breakers to the right or left depending on the need, and allows the mainline circuit breaker to be installed in a compartment on the right or left side per customer specification. The outlet box can accommodate multiple mainline circuit breakers, utilizing both compartments. This is a standard design feature that previously would have required custom engineering.

The Series 1600 generator sets also have an improved electrical stub-up compared to similar gensets powered by other engine types. The new design allows ample room for connecting cables in the stub-up area, thus making installation easier. Another design advantage is in the mounting of the outlet box. Whereas previous generator set designs mounted the outlet box to the barrel of the alternator, the Series 1600 outlet box is mounted directly to the base of the genset.

This significantly reduces the amount of vibration to which the outlet box is subjected, which has a positive effect on the life of the electrical system.

Generator sets based on the 12V configuration of the Series 1600 are currently available in 550 kW - 600 kW power nodes. MTU Onsite Energy has already received several orders for the Series 1600 generator sets, the first of which are scheduled for delivery in December.

Source: MTU Onsite Energy Corporation

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