IPD Introduces One Piece Steel Pistons for Caterpillar® 3408 & 3412 Engines


IPD is making a major announcement in the engine rebuild market, by presenting the industry first one piece steel pistons for diesel aftermarket applications. The first release in the new IPDSteel™ piston line is for Caterpillar® 3408 & 3412 applications.
This new product is made possible by IPD’s patent pending technology for manufacturing one piece steel pistons from a high alloy and heat treated steel casting. This development follows a long line of ‘first to market products’ for IPD, known as an innovator in many diesel and natural gas applications.
According to Mr. Bob Straw, VP of Sales and Marketing of IPD, “There is a range of practical applications for this technology in the aftermarket within Caterpillar®, and other engine brands worldwide. We have dyno-tested, laboratory tested and field tested this piston for over two years as well as successfully providing our distributors worldwide with thousands of IPDSteel™ two piece steel pistons for other applications. It has been a natural progression for IPD to a one piece piston.”
Mr. Richard Grishaber, IPD Vice President of Operations, explains that manufacturing a one piece piston is a complicated process with many quality assurance steps throughout. He adds, “Our ISO9001:2000 processes have helped us document and assure that we take all the correct steps to provide our customers with the confidence they are accustomed to with all our products. IPD is conscious of the critical usage and high horsepower requirements that are typical in these applications, so we carefully control every process from original casting to the machining at our Torrance, California manufacturing facility.”
Due to the critical relationship of the pistons, rings, liners and other components, IPD will only offer these pistons within complete new cylinder kits at this time, thus ensuring that the pistons are matched with new components within correct tolerances.
Mr. Straw adds, “The availability of this first one piece steel piston in the aftermarket will help the IPD Distributor and Engine Rebuilder remain competitive and provide reduced operating costs for the equipment owner. It is more important than ever to present these types of new solutions in today’s competitive landscape.”

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Source: IPD


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