Don’t Nit-Pick, Try an Arctic!


Arctic does not just mean cold, it also means flexibility, and little wonder it is the name of Ontario’s leading light/medium duty snowplows and spreaders.
Formed originally in 1969 as a subsidiary of London Machinery, Arctic Equipment Manufacturing Corporation was spun-off in 1996 when the firm restructured. The beneficiaries of this have been the customers and dealers who have stuck by them.

“Traditionally our market was focused on landscapers/property maintenance contractors, almost exclusively in south western Ontario,” said Dan Armstrong, company president. “It is important to get a good strong core market before venturing too far a field, so broadening our scope to include all of Canada was the obvious next step.”

Over the past winter, Arctic hired Jeff Bones as regional sales manager for Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Mr. Bones has enthusiastically taken up the charge. Since his joining, Arctic has seen the addition of 24 new dealers and the opening of a regional distribution warehouse in Pointe-Claire, a suburb of Montreal. This effort has also seen Arctic take its show on the road and Mr. Bones can regularly be seen at municipal and contractor trade events throughout the region. Recently he lamented: “The weather is so warm and sunny; maybe I am the only one looking forward to winter. At least I know I can plow my way through!”

Into every life a little rain must fall and for Arctic that used to be represented by warming temperatures and thawing snow. Now, warm weather does not cast depression over the 3000 m2 plant, still located in London, Ontario. The company has managed to articulate its success into truck mounted brooms. Now at the sign of spring, municipalities and contractors can brush-up their mud and sand ready for summer. Alternatively, they can sweep up leaves and debris to prevent catch basin problems before the first snowfall and then switch back to SNIC equipment in time for inclement weather.

“Our customers are serious contractors and municipalities and that is reflected by the rugged, well-built, premium product our name implies,” said Dan Armstrong. “We will continue to develop this market throughout Canada and be recognised as the leader in it. Once we achieve that, you may see us expand our offering to the non commercial sector or expansion of the export trade,” he added.

The economic climate of the winter just past was pretty tough, but Arctic will plough ahead into 2010 with its new mantra... Tough as a Canadian Winter!

Source: Arctic Equipment Manufacturing Corporation


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