2nd Reverse Provides Greater Control
and More Maneuverability for Heavy-Duty Applications

For the 2010 model year, Allison Transmission continues its ongoing product optimization initiative with the introduction of 2nd Reverse, exclusively available on all Allison 4700 and 4800 models.

This new feature offers a second “deep reverse” in addition to the standard reverse and will provide greater control and engine braking during operation on steep grades. 2nd Reverse will also enable more maneuverability when operating in confined spaces.

When a vehicle is in 2nd Reverse, it will have a slow creep capability with high engine speeds. With a mechanical ratio of 17.12, it will have an effective torque converter multiplied ratio up to 32.5:1.

The new 2nd Reverse feature provides overall better performance and enhanced applicability for a variety of applications. It will be available mid-year 2010 on Rugged Duty Series, Emergency Vehicle Series and Specialty Series models.

For years, these transmissions have been used with great success by a number of logging companies in Northern Quebec. Their “megaload” trucks typically haul up to 150 t on hilly terrain in harsh weather.

Source: Allison Transmission, Inc.


Click here for a video (13 Mb) of a Megaload truck
equipped with an Allison automatic transmission


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