Strain Sensor Available in a New Version

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH (STW) now offers a revised version of its DMS strain sensor.

The DMS strain sensor for measuring deflections – of metal arms for example – has been completely revamped and is now available in a new version under the product name SMX.dms-a.

The new hardware allows a lower height of the housing but the assembly points are identical to those of the previous product, thus enabling the seamless transition in already existing applications. As on the previous strain sensor, both an analog and a digital output are available.

Furthermore, the STW toolchain openSYDE is supported, which allows easy integration into already existing systems and is used for the commissioning of intelligent sensors and electronic control units.

The SMX.dms-a strain sensor is suitable for harsh operating conditions, such as those frequently encountered with mobile machines, and now also has an E1 approval for even easier use in vehicles.

Conventional strain sensors are hard to install and put into operation. Due to its optimized connection technology, the installation of the STW sensor can be very well integrated into the production process of mobile machines. The sensor is intended either for direct mounting or it can be delivered preassembled with an optional carrier plate. openSYDE enables both easy commissioning of the DMS and software updates.

In case of servicing, the sensor can be easily replaced on site. As the configuration data are adopted, the SMX.dms-a sensor can be put into operation without requiring further alignment, meaning that the system is ready for operation again within a very short time.

By measuring deflections, forces, weights or vibrations are recorded indirectly. This can be used in many different application scenarios, such as presses, hoists, containers, steel beams, connecting rods, bridges, silo stands, railroad tracks, wind power plants, tunnel or mining equipment, airport vehicles, cranes and other mobile machines.

The modular sensor system for mobile hydraulics offers various products for the recording of physical variables such as temperature, pressure, strain, inclination and angular velocity, as well as pressure switches also in a functionally safe design. In mobile machines, the measurement values are used, among other things, for monitoring and controlling the drive, the work function or the energy management. They can also be made available with onboard software and cloud solutions. In addition, STW sensors are characterized by exceptional resilience and durability.

Source: Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH

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