Lion8 Zero-Emission Refuse Trucks Sold to Waste Connections

The Lion Electric Co. and Boivin Evolution (BEV) announced last summer the first sales of Lion8 chassis with fully automated side load bodies to Waste Connections, Inc. The introduction of these electric vehicles into markets in the states of Washington and Florida represent the first applications of zero-emission trucks with fully electric waste collection bodies and automated arms in North America.

For Waste Connections, this investment furthers the Company’s sustainability efforts and is consistent with its commitment to growing and expanding its environmental initiatives through technology and innovation. Developed for the electric market, the combination of the Lion8 chassis and the BEV all-electric automated side-loading body offers a cost-effective waste management solution, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are excited to lead the industry with the introduction of the Lion-Boivin electric vehicles to our markets and look forward to expanding their application,” said Worthing F. Jackman, president and CEO of Waste Connections. “This investment in zero-emission vehicles furthers our continuing efforts to reduce our environmental impact and expand our capabilities within the communities we serve.”

The Lion8 truck has a range of 200 km for a full day of operation on a single charge. The electric BEV refuse body has no hydraulic pumps, valves, tubings, hoses and fluid. All arm and body movements are powered by the battery that drives electric motors for each function.

“We are thankful to Waste Connections for leading the heavy-duty electric movement and we are excited that they have chosen Lion in assisting them for their transition to a zero-emission fleet. I am highly confident that Lion’s all-electric refuse trucks will be a valuable addition to Waste Connection’s operations. I hope this transaction inspires everyone seeking an economic, sustainable and environmental transportation solution to leverage the substantial benefits of electrification,” said Marc Bédard, CEO and founder of The Lion Electric Co.

“We are proud to have been chosen by Waste Connections for the electrification of their fleet of refuse collection trucks. This introduction of electric vehicles is the beginning of a new tendency towards a cleaner environment,” added Claude Boivin, founder and CEO of Boivin Evolution.

Source: The Lion Electric Co.

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