Spanner Re² Celebrates 10 Years of Biomass CHP Innovation & Experience

Founded in 2004 as the “Renewable Energies” division of the Spanner Group, Spanner Re² manufactured biomass boilers for renowned manufacturers. In 2006 Spanner Re² began to work on the development of a production-ready wood gasifier. The basis for this was provided by Bernd Joos, who had been privately working on a functioning plant for more than 30 years. Two years later, Spanner Re² introduced their first wood gasifier to the market. From then on, the company continued to develop wood-power-technology.

Together with its customers, Spanner Re² has continuously developed its wood-power-technology in terms of performance, comfort and efficiency and has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of wood-based Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants worldwide. Spanner Re² offers solutions tailored to requirements in a power range from 9 kWel to 2 MWel for almost every area of application.

On the occasion of the anniversary, Spanner Re² offers a limited, turnkey container solution with pre-installed wood gasifier (49 kWel / 111,2 kWth), including fine and coarse sieving in the conveyor unit and an automatic wood chip drying system.

Biomass CHP pays for itself. In Germany, for example, a monthly income of €6,000 ($9,100) can be achieved with a full feed-in according to the current EEG with an annual running time of the plant of 8,000 hours. The heat income is generated on top of that as well. Using the electricity or heat for your own use is possible at any time. With Spanner Re²’s Jubilee package, a ROI of 3.8 years with 8,000 operating hours per year is consistently achievable.

Source: Spanner Re² GmbH

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