SSAB Shape Helps Scania Boost Competitiveness in India

SSAB Shape has developed an innovative new dump body for Scania that offers the Indian mining industry a product far surpassing the performance of current solutions.

By utilizing SSAB’s product development services to execute the development of the new 20.3 m3 Mining Tipper, Scania is now able to launch a lightweight, yet durable mining dump body developed for the Indian market. With a lower weight, the dump body offers increased payloads and reduced fuel consumption. Scania is promoting this new body on their Scania P440 8x4 Mining Tipper.

“For this comprehensive product development project, we were able to deliver a dump body that was 20% lighter than existing solutions in India, which gives approximately 1.3 t in extra payload,” explains Hans Kell, SSAB Shape business manager India & Indonesia. “SSAB has developed its offer of product development services in order to support OEMs with the product development process, creating new innovative products that take full advantage of the advanced steel properties and speeding up the time to market.”

Scania is interested in growing its operations in India and approached SSAB Shape, which has a local organization in India, in order to utilize its unique expertise in wear resistant steels as well as design preprocessing and logistics services.

The dump body was manufactured by one of India’s largest truck trailer manufacturers, a SSAB partner and the first truck body producer in India to join the Hardox In My Body network of producers.

SSAB Shape provides premium steel products from SSAB in combination with value-added services and ready-made solutions to OEMs. SSAB Shape is offered from more than 20 local service centers around the world and is supported by an extensive network of processing partners.

Source: SSAB

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