Atlas Copco Canada Introduces New Hydro Magnet Range

Atlas Copco Canada has released a new range of hydraulic magnet attachments called Hydro Magnet. Designed for recycling plants, scrapyards and demolition, the Hydro Magnet allows valuable iron and steel to be separated quickly and easily from concrete waste. The Hydro Magnet is available in 2 versions: as a fixed magnet (F), or a mobile magnet with chain link (M).

“The innovation of the Hydro Magnet range is the electronic control system, which is responsible for the build-up and release of the magnetic energy. This inverter technology ensures that the material can be loaded and unloaded considerably faster versus conventional magnet plates,” says Wayne Ross, Construction Tools Division vice president and business line manager.

Engineered with a flow divider, the Hydro Magnet’s hydraulic power provides automatic flow and pressure control. Magnetic power is achieved almost instantly and can hold a large amount of ferrous materials firmly in place. A shock alternation of the polarity accelerates demagnetization, resulting in a fast material drop and a magnet plate-free from even small pieces of steel. The overall result is a faster collection and loading process.

Simply plugged into the existing grapple or shear installation, the Hydro Magnet requires no extra generator or electro cable on the carrier. Load capacities range from 280 kg up to 7,500 kg.

The new Hydro Magnet range is equipped with an Atlas Copco digital generator made of corrosion-free alloy. The generator delivers a magnetization and demagnetization process cycle that is up to 25% faster than conventional magnet controllers. This also provides lower fuel consumption. Encased in a waterproof body, the control device protects the Hydro Magnet against the risk of short circuiting, overheating or excessively high or low revolutions of the generator.
A hermetically-sealed steel case protects the magnet coil against mechanical impacts and humidity, and an external Hardox steel ring protects against wear.

A multi-functional diagnostic panel in a waterproof body indicates current working status and potential faults for trouble-shooting.

Collecting demolition materials using an Atlas Copco Hydro Magnet also reduces the risk of damage to crushers, conveyor belts, tires, or other jobsite equipment.

Source: Atlas Copco

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