Introducing the perma FLEX Single-Point Lubrication System

FLO Components Ltd. is now offering the new perma FLEX, an ideal single-point lubrication system for all types of applications and industries. This gas generating unit produces the required pressure to continuously supply the lubrication points with fresh lubricant for the selected discharge period. And activation has never been easier - just turn the switch to the required discharge period (1 – 12 months) and perma FLEX is ready to go. Ingress protection to IP 68 level guarantees reliable lubrication in extremely dusty and moist environments. The wide operating temperature range of -20 °C to 60 °C makes it suitable for many applications indoors and outdoors and it is sized to fit into small or tight applications. If necessary, the discharge period can even be adjusted after activation, and it can be switched off during longer non-operation periods.

Some other features to note:

  • Comes in two convenient sizes - 60 and 125 cm³. 
  • User friendly all-in-one system, comes fully assembled and can be activated quickly and easily without tools.
  • Customized lubricants - perma FLEX can be filled with grease or oil that meets the specific requirements of your application.

FLO Components Ltd. is a lubrication systems specialist and a leading supplier of “Total Lube Solutions” to major manufacturers, trucking, mining, construction and road building companies and other heavy equipment users in Ontario. 

Source: FLO Components Ltd.


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