Launch of 5th Generation CA Rollers Continues
with Versatile Mid-Size Models


Dynapac’s introduction of its revolutionary 5th generation of single drum vibratory rollers was enthusiastically received. Having begun with the larger CA5000, CA6000 and CA6500 models, the company now presents its mid-size range, CA2500 and CA3500, and their variants. With the same innovative thinking and unique features as the larger models, these versatile machines represent a minor revolution in terms of serviceability due to their cross-mounted engines. Other time and money saving features are optimized amplitude for superior compaction performance and Active Bouncing Control that prevents damage to the machine and over-compaction.

The advantages do not end there. Add even higher operator comfort and drastically reduced noise levels and fuel consumption, and the result is a line of state-of-the-art single drum soil compactors that will make a major contribution to cutting costs and raising productivity for customers worldwide.

With static linear loads ranging from 25 – 45 kg/cm, the mid-size CA rollers are ideal for compacting a range of materials, from sand and gravel to rockfill. Amplitude of 1.8 – 2 mm for the CA3500 model allows rockfill to be compacted in 1.25 – 1.5 m layers. The better depth effect results in higher volume capacity and less passes to reach compaction specifications, thus saving fuel and reducing the cost per compacted cubic meter. Environmental impact is also lower. The Dynapac “Silent Weights” eccentric concept is an option that enhances compaction performance even further.

Dynapac’s CostCtrl software on the web and an extended warranty for CA rollers enable customers to gain full control over life-cycle costs and maximize machine availability. The company’s international service network offers full support and assistance with all parts and service needs.

Rollers in the CA range can be equipped with a Sustainability Package featuring an rpm management system, biodegradable fill-for-life hydraulic fluid, 50 hours service kit, electrical engine block heater and working lights with LED lamps.

The thick drum shell on Dynapac CA rollers gives long running time before a drum change is required. A scraper blade with an innovative divided design keeps the drum free of material during operation and can be replaced quickly and at low cost if necessary.

The ergonomically designed, air-conditioned cab on the new generation offer a high level of operator comfort and good visibility over the work area and surroundings. A feature unique to Dynapac CA rollers is a spin-around seat, steering module and display cluster, which allows movement of up to 180° without stress to the neck or body and excellent all-round visibility.

The new CA rollers are available in standard models with a long list of different specifications that can be selected and an extensive choice of optional extras, such as a bolt-on pad shell for PD applications and many more. Customers are invited to “build” their own machines or choose from a number of packages.

Source: Dynapac Compaction Equipment AB

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